TRM – FR620 (Milky Clear) – 10′ x 100′ x 4.0 mil


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This film is milky translucent white in color due to the content of stabilizing flame retardant additives
designed specifically for low density polyethylene films. It is an antimony-trioxide-halogen based system
which imparts flame retardant properties by:
A. Interfering with the combustion process.
B. Reducing the transfer of heat from the flame to the film.
C. Resulting in a film that is much less flammable than those which are unstabilized.

‘WEATHER-ALL’ Flame Retardant Film has been tested in accordance with Section 13121 of the Health
and Safety Code, state of California. It was found to meet the requirements of the State Fire Marshal
for interior flame retardant materials and has been registered accordingly, #F-325. Those tests were
conducted in accordance with ASTM D568-68.

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Milky Clear


10' x 100' x 4.0 mil


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