SOLAROOF 172 – by ft


Orders less than $10,000 will have freight added to the invoice.

Premier greenhouse covering designed for all types of cultivation. Made from high quality coated woven poly to the highest standards. Extra-strength (3,500 lb/yd) makes it hail and tear resistant. Unique additives blocks harmful UV light and reduces the spread of fungal diseases (botrytis) and deters insects (aphids) from entering the greenhouse. Anti-drip prevents droplets from falling onto plants. Excellent diffusion improves light transmission and eliminates shadows. Infrared additives keep temperature higher during cold nights, and cooler during the daytime.

Technical specifications (typical data, not limiting specs)
Cloth weight 5.1 oz/sq. ft ±5%
Breaking Strength  ≥84 lb/in
Elongation at Break ≥20%
Tear Strength ≥33 lb
Light Transmission 88%
Diffused Light 55% ±10%
UV stability 6 year warranty
Available in up to 48′ widths and can be fabricated into custom-size panels.

*Stock widths (all lengths are custom cut)


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