K50 IR-AC – by ft

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(Infrared Heat Retention, Anti-Condensate & High Light Diffusion Benefits)
Keep the heat and lose the drips! Klerks sets the standard in the industry for long lasting anti-condensation, the standard to which all other companies compare. All anti-condensates work when they’re new, but no other film’s anti-condensate additive keeps on working for you after that first or second year like Klerks does
Infra-Red – Special IR Additives absorb and re-radiate nighttime infrared heat back down to the crop saving up to 15% on nighttime heating costs
Anti-Condensation – Two directional anti-condensate control means you never have to guess if the drip control side is facing the crop. Grower proven longest acting anti-condensate control reduces water droplet formation and sheets condensed water down the curvature of the film
Diffusion – High light diffusion (52% of tranmitted light per layer) means uniform plant growth and crop dry down times
PAR light transmission of 88% through a single layer of K50 IR-AC
Tri-layer extrusion with strong EVA copolymer resin for excellent durability
Ultraviolet light stabilized for long life outdoor exposure
Bee friendly film: transmits a small portion of the ultraviolet light spectrum used in bee navigation

* Standard Lead Times
Aug – Oct 15 work days
Mar – July 7 work days
Nov – Feb 3 work days
Rush Charge 10% premium or $100 minimum

* Sizes Marked Available Seasonally


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