K50 Clear – by ft


Orders less than $10,000 will have freight added to the invoice.

A 4 year, 6 mil covering for single or double layer applications. Starting with strong EVA resin for excellent durability and light transmission, it comes standard with an anti-static additive to repel dust and dirt and keep the light shining through. Klerk’s UV protection uses the latest HALs technology for superior film life. Tri-layer construction gives maximum physical properties with less weight. Available in Clear or 55% White, sheet or tubes.
Tri-layer extrusion with strong EVA copolymer resin for excellent outdoor durability
92% PAR light transmission per layer of film
Anti-dust additive that resists dirt and dust buildup
Ultraviolet light stabilized for long life outdoor exposure.
Bee friendly film: transmits a small portion of the ultraviolet light spectrum used in bee navigation

* Standard Lead Times
Aug – Oct 15 work days
Mar – July 7 work days
Nov – Feb 3 work days
Rush Charge 10% premium or $100 minimum

* Sizes Marked Available Seasonally


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