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HydraFlex™ Ultra HU20B is used in containment applications that require excellent outdoor longevity, chemical resistance and exceptional toughness, even in cold weather environments. HydraFlex™ Ultra is highly flexible and conforms easily to uneven surfaces, and is engineered to be used in more critical applications including the fish-safe requirements for aquaculture. HydraFlex™ Ultra HU20B meets or exceeds the comprehensive requirements of GRI-GM17 Standard Specification for (LLDPE) geomembranes, and perform well in water and waste water applications for commercial and municipal projects

APPLICATIONS: Decorative Ponds, Pond/Canal Liners, Outdoor Covers, Fire Ponds, Remediation Liners, Brine Ponds, Oil Field Pit Liners, Mine Tailing Ponds, Interim Landfill Caps, Waste Water Ponds, Golf Course Pond Liners, Farm Ponds, Leachate Collection Ponds


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